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Powertrain Auto Service provides Exhaust System Repair services to Bowie, MD, Largo, MD, Upper Marlboro, MD, and other surrounding areas.

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Description of Exhaust System Repair

Located on the underside of your vehicle, the exhaust system is responsible for collecting and directing harmful emissions away from the vehicle, reducing the amount of pollutants released into the environment, and minimizing engine exhaust noise and force. The exhaust system is composed of pipes and tubing designed to streamline vehicle operation while maximizing vehicle performance and efficiency. Engines produce dangerous gases as a byproduct of the combustion process. The exhaust manifold collects the emissions from the engine and funnels the gases through the front pipe to the catalytic converter. The converter transforms these harmful gases, like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide, into less harmful ones, like oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. The muffler helps cancel out the noise created by the engine. The muffler dissipates sound waves while the tailpipe releases the converted gases into the atmosphere.

Benefits of Exhaust System Repair

Depending upon the problem, the exhaust system can affect both your vehicle’s performance and your ability to drive. For these reasons, it is important to keep current with maintenance intervals on your exhaust system. A repair service or inspection may be impending if you hear excessively loud noises during acceleration. These noises may be a sign of holes or cracks somewhere in the exhaust system. Rattling noises when starting the vehicle or excessive idling may be a sign of failed or broken hangers. If you feel drowsiness while driving, this may be a serious sign that fumes are leaking through the vents and into the cabin interior. Sharp odors are also signs that noxious fumes are leaking into the vehicle. Signs of rust or cracks in any component of your exhaust system indicate corrosion. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek a service sooner than later. Maintaining routine exhaust system services will help keep all your exhaust components, like the exhaust manifold, front pipe, downpipe, catalytic converter, and muffler, working efficiently. Routine maintenance on your exhaust system will save you from having to replace the entire exhaust system down the road.

Powertrain Auto Service proudly serves the Exhaust System Repair needs of customers in Bowie, MD, Largo, MD, Upper Marlboro, MD, and surrounding areas.

Areas Served : Bowie MD | Largo MD | Upper Marlboro MD | and surrounding areas

Catalytic Converter Replacement

Located on the underside of your vehicle, the catalytic converter helps clean up vehicle emissions before expelling them...

Approx. Time: 60 Minutes

Center Exhaust Section Replacement

The center exhaust section contains the catalytic converter and the section of exhaust pipes between the downpipe and the tail pipe...

Approx. Time: 60 Minutes

Downpipe Replacement

The exhaust system is responsible for converting engine emissions into less harmful gases before releasing those gases into the atmosphere...

Approx. Time: 60 Minutes

Exhaust Inspection

The exhaust system collects the harmful emissions released from your engine and directs them away from the vehicle...

Approx. Time: 15 Minutes

Manifold Replacement

In your vehicle’s exhaust system, the manifold collects harmful emissions produced by the engine during the combustion process...

Approx. Time: 120 Minutes

Muffler Replacement

As part of the exhaust system, the muffler is responsible for dampening engine noise and releasing vehicle emissions into the environment...

Approx. Time: 60 Minutes

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